Our work in the area of forms design (including many years of usability testing) has led to a a substantial body of research. The articles below reflect some of the findings in our research on forms.

What’s wrong with my PDF? (Feb 2013)
When it comes to interactive PDF forms, technology has not delivered all it has promised. Despite so much technology being available, why isn’t the world alive with interactive PDFs and why doesn’t the PDF you just created work as expected?

The order of your questions is important (Jan 2013) 
The order of the questions on a form may seem inconsequential to most, but there are times when the order is of significant importance.

Asking just the right question (Jun 2012)
What happens when one of the most fundamental questions on a personal loan application is poorly worded?

Crossing the tick box (republished Aug 2012)
Forms are more than just words on a page. Sometimes the smallest
change to a graphic device can make all the difference.