Clear and concise

A one page form is not always the solution!

Designing forms that work

Forms design

Despite an exponential growth in the power and capability of technology since the 1980s, online forms (and paper forms) are often the bane of our existence. 

Ask yourself whether you are collecting “quality” information on your forms, or are they full of user-errors? Are you asking the right questions? Does the answer you are getting align with the question you are asking? 

Would people say the questions you are asking are necessary, relevant, and to be expected? Or would they say the questions are invasive, excessive and perhaps even disrespectful?

It doesn’t have to be like this. As far back as the 1990s we advocated that organisations think carefully before moving their paper-based forms to an online platform. We encouraged organisations to do more than simply undertake a “migration process” in which existing forms were uploaded to the web without first considering what changes may be needed.

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